Layman Codes of Conduct

1.  Four Vices of Life.
a. The destruction of life
b. Stealing
c. Sexual misconduct
d. Lying

2.  Four Causes of Committing Evils.
a. Desire (Chanda)
b. Hatred (Dosa)
c. Fear (Bhaya)
d. Ignorance (Moha)

3.  The Six Channels of Dissipation of Wealth.
a. Indulgence in intoxication    – six evil consequences
b. Wandering in streets at unseemly hours – six evil consequences
c. Frequenting theatrical shows   – six evil consequences
d. Indulgence in gambling    – six evil consequences
e. Association with evil friends   – six evil consequences
f.  Habit of idleness      – six evil consequences

4.  Four Kinds of Enemies in the Guise of Friends.
a. One who associates for gain (Annadatthuhara)
b. One who renders lip service (Vaci parama)
c. One who flatters (Anuppiyabhani)
d. One who brings ruin (Apaya sakha)

5.  Four Kinds of Real Friends.
a. A friend who helps (Upakaraka mitta)
b. A friend who shares the same weal and woe (Samana sukkha dukkha mitta)
c. A friend who gives good counsel (Atthakkhayi mitta)
d. A friend who sympathises (Anukampaka mitta)

6.  Four Ways of Managing One’s wealth.
a. First portion for day to day expenses
b. Second portion for business
c. Third portion for business
d. Fourth portion for safe-keeping

7. Ten Kinds of Immorality (Akusala Kammapatha)
1. Killing (Panatipata)
2. Stealing (Adinnadana)
3. Sexual Misconduct (Kamesumicchacara)
4. Lying (Musavada)
5. Slandering (Pisunavaca)
6. Harsh Speech (Pharusavaca)
7. Vain Talk (Samphappalapa)
8. Covetousness (Abhijjha)
9. Hatred (Vyapada)
10. False View (Micchaditthi)

8. Ten Meritorious Deeds (Kusala)
1. Generosity (Dana)
2. Morality (Sila)
3. Meditation (Bhavana)
4. Reverence (Apacayana)
5. Services (Veyyavacca)
6. Transference of merits (Pattidana)
7. Rejoicing in others’ merits (Pattanumodana)
8. Hearing the doctrine (Dhamma Savanna)
9. Expounding the doctrine (Dhamma Desana)
10. Straightening ones’ views (Ditthijju-Kamma)


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