Eightfold Noble Path

I. Right Understanding (Samma-ditthi)

  1. The Four Noble Truth (Ariyan Sacca)
  2. Ten Kinds of Immoralities (Akusala kammapatha)
  3. Ten Kinds of Meritorious Deeds (Kusala kammapatha)
  4. The Three Universal Characteristics (Ti-lakkhana)
  5. The Four Stages of Sainthood (Ariya-puggala) and Ten Fetters (Samyojana)
  6. Dependent Origination (Paticca samuppada)

II. Right Thought (Samma-sankappa)

  1. Thought free from lust (Nakkhamma-sankappa)
  2. Thought free from ill-will (Avihimsa-sankappa)
  3. Thought free from cruelty (Avyapada-sankappa)

III. Right Speech (Samma-vaca)

  1. Abstaining from lying
  2. Abstaining from slandering
  3. Abstaining from harsh language
  4. Abstaining from vain talk

IV. Right Action (Samma-kammanta)

  1. Abstaining from killing
  2. Abstaining from stealing
  3. Abstaining from sexual misconduct

V. Right Livelihood (Samma-ajiva)

These 5 trades should be avoided :

  1. Trading in arms
  2. Trading in living beings
  3. Trading in flesh
  4. Trading in intoxicants
  5. Trading in poison

VI Right Effort (Samma-vayama)

  1. The Effort to Avoid (Samavara-ppadhana)

Incite the will to avoid the arising of evil,
unwholesome things which have not yet arisen.

  1. The Effort to Overcome (Phana-ppadhana)

Incite the will to overcome the evil,
unwholesome things which have already arisen.

  1. The Effort to Develop (Bhavana-ppadhana)

Incite the will to arouse wholesome things
which have not yet arisen.

Develop the Seven Factors of Enlightenment (Bojjhanga)

  1. Mindfulness (Sati)
  2. Investigation of the Law (Dhamma-vicaya)
  3. Energy (Viriya)
  4. Rapture (Piti)
  5. Tranquillity (Passaddhi)
  6. Concentration (Samadhi)
  7. Equanimity (Upekkha)
  1. The Effort to Maintain (Anurakkhana-ppadhana)

Incite the will to maintain the wholesome things which have already arisen,
and not to allow them to disappear, but to bring them to growth, to maturity and to the full perfection of development.

VII Right Mindfulness (Samma-sati)

The Four Foundation of Mindfulness (Satipatthana)

  1. Contemplation of The Body (Kayanupassana)
  1. Watching over in-and-out breathing (Anapanasati)
  2. The four postures
  3. Mindfulness and clear awareness (Sati-sampajanna)
  4. Reflection on the Repulsiveness (Patikkula-sanna)
  5. The four elements (Dhatu)
  6. Cemetery Meditations
  1. Contemplation of Feelings (Vedananupassana)
  1. Pleasurable (Somanassa)
  2. Displeasurable (Domanassa)
  3. Indifferent (Upekkha)
  4. Bodily Happiness (Sukkha)
  5. Bodily Pain (Dukkha)
  1. Contemplation of Mind (Cittanupassana)
  1. Lustful / Not Lustful
  2. Hateful / Not Hateful
  3. Deluded / Not Deluded
  4. Contracted / Distracted
  5. Developed / Undeveloped
  6. Surpassed / Unsurpassed
  7. Concentrated / Unconcentrated
  8. Liberated / Unliberated
  1. Contemplation of Mind-Objects (Dhammanupassana)
  1. The Five Hindrances (Nivarana)
  2. The Five Aggregates (Khandha)
  3. The Sense Bases (Ayatana)
  4. The 7-Factors of Enlightenment (Bojjhanga)
  5. The Four Noble Truths (Ariya-sacca)

( Digha Nikaya 22 – Mahasatipatthana Sutta )

VIII Right Concentration (Samma-samadhi)

Three Levels of concentration:
Khanika Samadhi; Moment-to-Moment or Mindful Concentration: Instead of ‘fixing’ on an object. the mind moves from object to object. Generally, the objects are the four frameworks of mindfulness. This is the kind of concentration associated with Vipassana.
Upacara Samadhi; Neighborhood or Access Concentration:
At this level, the material symbol for the object is replaced by a mental image. Also, the Five Hindrances are subdued.
Appana Samadhi; Fixed or Absorption Conentration: At this level, the five factors of Absorption displace the five hindrances.
Lv 1: Vitakka, Vicara, Piti, Sukkha, Ekagatta.
Lv 2: Piti, Sukkha, Ekagatta.
Lv 3: Sukkha, Ekagatta.
Lv 4: Ekagatta.
Lv 5: Unbounded Space.
Lv 6: The Base of Boundless Consciousness.
Lv 7: The Base of Nothingness.
Lv 8: The Base of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception.
Lv 9: Samapatti Nirodha.
Final lv: Nibbana.


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